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從事婚前輔導與婚姻輔導輔導等工作十多年,在工作中提倡對自己及他人『愛與關懷』的初心從未動搖,眼見客人成功畢業後與他人及自己都有更親密的關係,固然為他們高興! 但在輔導初期,往往見到客人們被負面情緒,不安焦慮等籠罩着,更甚是若雙方關係已亮起紅燈的伴侶一同到來的話,他們往往像一對「最親密的陌生人」


NETFLIX 韓劇《黑暗榮耀》播出後叫好叫座,劇中主軸圍繞韓國的校園欺凌和階級觀念的惡行。香港情況雖未至太壞,但作為家長也不能忽視子女們的校園生活是否健康正常。面對這些問題,家長們可以如何處理?

【How to deal with stress】SoChing @ COLLAR has returned to the stage with the support of her injured boyfriend. How can we deal with stress?

【積極面對多重壓力】SoChing 歸隊!男友 Mo 支持繼續追夢!經歷困難壓力,如何振作面對群眾? 香港女子組合 COLLAR 成員 SoChing(蘇芷晴),因舞蹈員男友 Mo (李啟言)於上年MIRROR 演唱會事故後多月未露面,一直全力照顧男友卧床的男友,其間外界一直出現負面評論,例如勸 SoChing…

【Divorce Effect On Child】Prince Harry’s Ups and Downs With His Family Issue!

因為父母離婚,Prince Harry 是在破碎家庭中長大 ,加上在鎂光燈下成長,到底這些因素對 Prince Harry 與父親、兄長及妻子的關係有甚麼影響,而他個人又面對著哪些心理問題?

How to handle negative behaviour without drugs?

Psychological counsellors are not psychological doctors. If you experiencing negative emotions, seek…

I feel so emotional. I need therapy

The most common clients feel emotionally uncomfortable, sleepy, and can’t concentrate all…

How to maintain financial harmony in your family?

Family counseling emphasizes the importance of couples discussing family financial arrangements which…

People don’t like me. How does counselling help?

Psychological counseling theory explains why people perceive themselves as victims & the…


Latest Blogs
心理輔導系列 童年被非禮情緒沒適當處理 形成過度自我批評 掩蓋真正感受
Mendy Kwong 鄺雯荻

Childhood sexual abuse causes self criticism

There is a case of Post-Trauma Stress Disorder. The female victim did not directly vent her emotions because she was being molested as a child.

親子輔導系列 細聽孩子心底話 父母耳眼心三到
Emotional Distress in Children
KK Cheng 鄭概強

To listen to the true meaning of a child’s words

Parenting is aside from taking care of your kids the right way, you should also listen to them. The first step is to listen to their opinions.

心理輔導系列 發現子女鎅手自殘 用心聆聽拉近距離
Parent-child Relationships
KK Cheng 鄭概強

Discovering that your child self-harms?

When youngsters encounter difficulties,they are hard to handle.Parents find that their children have self-inflicted, self-harm, and they will be hesitant.

代入主觀世界建立溝通橋樑 4步驟勸服思覺失調患者求醫
Family Counselling
Vinci Cheung 張穎思

Enter their subjective world

It can be hard for family members and caregivers to get psychosis who think they have a problem to believe they are sick and even go to the doctor.

疑子女患抑鬱症無從入手 心理專家:先學做私家偵探
Vinci Cheung 張穎思

Suspecting a child has depression but is at a loss?

Society is making more and more demands on kids.Parents & schools can’t help but “urge” them to catch up.Parents who are too strict put pressure on their kids.


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