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Marriage Counselling

Through professional face-to-face sessions, marriage counselling helps couples to work on the issues they encountered in their marriage.
Under the facilitation of an experienced counsellor, couples will openly discuss on various aspects such as mutual joy, areas of growth, and differences between spouses. This can equip them to face the challenges of marriage. With the support of an experienced counsellor and in a non-judgmental environment, couples can also discuss stressful issues. This enhances communication skills and conflict resolution between spouses, which are essential ingredients in maintaining a long-term, healthy and loving marriage relationship.

Two people standing in a field with the sun behind them receive support from a compassionate psychologist to cope with their trauma-related anxiety.

Avoiding The Slippery Slope of Becoming Intimate Stranger through Premarital Counselling

從事婚前輔導與婚姻輔導輔導等工作十多年,在工作中提倡對自己及他人『愛與關懷』的初心從未動搖,眼見客人成功畢業後與他人及自己都有更親密的關係,固然為他們高興! 但在輔導初期,往往見到客人們被負面情緒,不安焦慮等籠罩着,更甚是若雙方關係已亮起紅燈的伴侶一同到來的話,他們往往像一對「最親密的陌生人」

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