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Parent-child Relationships

Parental counseling helps families resolve parenting conflicts. Counsellors can also help families cope with the emotional stress of parenting. While children bring happiness and joy to parents, it is not an easy task. The intense competition for children to study in Hong Kong, or raising children with special educational needs puts an immense amount of stress on parents.

A mother and child are drawing together at a table, seeking comfort and relieving anxiety.

How Can Parents Support Children with SEN?

根據香港教育局的統計數字,在公立及直資中小學就讀及有特殊教學需要的學生人數為 58,890 人。照顧者對有特殊教學需要的子女,自然需要更多耐性和恆心,特別在早兩年疫情暫停面授課的時期間,特殊教學需要的學童需要以電腦或平板上課,集中力和理解力大大降低,使家長在協助子女學習更吃力。

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NETFLIX 韓劇《黑暗榮耀》播出後叫好叫座,劇中主軸圍繞韓國的校園欺凌和階級觀念的惡行。香港情況雖未至太壞,但作為家長也不能忽視子女們的校園生活是否健康正常。面對這些問題,家長們可以如何處理?

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A young man sitting on the ground with his backpack, exhibiting signs of anxiety.

Detecting Self-Harm Suicidal Ideations In Your Teens

近日新聞報導多宗有關學童自殺的慘劇,令學童壓力問題再度引起關注。其實至 2021 年起,學童自殺有明顯上升的趨勢,根據香港大學香港賽馬會防止自殺研究中心的數字顯示,香港15歲以下青少年自殺率上升至歷史新高的 1.7,當中以 15 歲以下男性增幅最高。

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