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Stress and physical and mental health are interrelated, and stressful situations are common. The source of stress may be to meet deadlines, challenging work assignments, managing complex interpersonal relationships, etc. When working in a highly stressful environment for a long time, our physical and emotional health will be affected. Sometimes we cannot avoid the difficulties and challenges we encounter. Through counselling, we can learn to manage how to cope when facing challenges.


How To Handle Stress From The Public: SoChing @ Collar Returns To Stage

【積極面對多重壓力】SoChing 歸隊!男友 Mo 支持繼續追夢!經歷困難壓力,如何振作面對群眾? 香港女子組合 COLLAR 成員 SoChing(蘇芷晴),因舞蹈員男友 Mo (李啟言)於上年MIRROR 演唱會事故後多月未露面,一直全力照顧男友卧床的男友,其間外界一直出現負面評論,例如勸 SoChing 退團或者猜測她已與經理人公司和其他 MIRROR 成員鬧翻等。在 2023 年年頭音樂頒獎禮上,SoChing 終於歸隊,並獲隊友、粉絲及公眾大力支持,她接受訪問是稱是男友Mo鼓勵她追夢,不要因為自己放棄成為跳唱歌手的夢想。 The text is available in Chinese only. Click here to read the full Chinese version

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