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Living A Fulfilling Couple Life After Mentoring By Alice

Alice is an incredible and professional therapist. My husband and I have been doing conunseling with her for several months. We were blessed to have been matched with her. She is very encouraging, patient and understanding. She also stands a neutral ground between my husband and me. This helps us explore the reasons behind our feelings and actions and understand each other more. She helps us in recognizing our personalities and adapts techniques that fit our relationship. We have then improved our communication and been able to see the world through each other’s eyes.

I have also done some individual sessions with Alice and she was very attentive, supportive and compassionate. She goes above and beyond with me and has helped me so much in realizing how my past experiences have shaped me into the person I am today and how my upbringing has played an important role and even taken a toll in my adult life. I am glad I have her in guiding me move forward in a happier and healthier life.

We highly recommend her to anyone whose relationship is under stress, or is interested in strengthening their relationship. Her compassion, expertise, experience, and genuineness would definitely guide you through your life as a couple or even an individual.

We are truly grateful to have you in our lives, Alice. It is like talking to an old friend who have known us for a very long time and understands us really well every time we meet. We admire how well prepared you were every time we met and how great your memory is. We did not have to repeat ourselves at all and we appreciate how you could remember every single detail we have told you in our previous sessions. We could not thank you enough for “saving” our marriage.

Couple in distress
November 2020