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Female Executive Thank Edwina For Guiding Her To Reflect On Career And Life Priorities

“I knew Edwina when she was actually my boss more than 10 years ago.  She impressed me with her professional integrity, coaching skill, generosity and more importantly her vision to contribute to the community after early retirement.  She became my coach a few years ago just so naturally! Being a professional executive, I have struggled with work-life balance as well as personal relationship at large.

Edwina has the ability to help me open up myself and guided me to reflect on my career and life priorities in a simple while systematic way.  To enable me to keep focused, she regularly met up with me to check my progress and offered ongoing guidance with me.  I simply felt her coaching style was like sharing and seeking guidance with an experienced and trusted friend.  She did push me making an effort to act by encouraging as well as reminding me of self ownership.  I just needed this push from time to time as I got stuck into busy work in daily life.

Edwina is my coach while I see her as my role model in life.  There are a lot for me to learn from her as a professional, a coach, a leader as well as a friend.”


From a senior female executive in finance