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A Teenager Finds A Way Out Of Depression

A few months ago, I got depression. Every single day was a hard day to me no matter it’s sunshine or rain. I almost get drunk everyday and I didn’t seek help from a therapist and just let it be for quite a long time because I used to think seeking a therapist is useless since it’s simply a person chatting about my own thoughts. However, having seen Mendy for several times, I found out it’s quite the opposite. Mendy would speak in a therapeutic way to make me feel comfortable to talk about what I was going through. Hence, she would guide me to figure out what cause my depression and the way to cope with it. I thought the provided methods would just be temporary but they turn out to be long-lasting. Although my emotions would fluctuate sometimes, especially at night time, I could adjust them very quickly and I’ll be alright soon. It’s been almost 2 months and I have quitted drinking and living a normal, happy life. Many thanks to Mendy!! Don’t hesitate to seek help when in need!

A teenager who has suffered from depression