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Anxiety refers to persistent and excessive feelings of anxiety or uneasiness about daily situations or the future. These excessive worries cause a person to constantly create backup plans or prepare for the worst-case scenarios. Anxiety can bring about physical symptoms such as increased heart rate, shortness of breath and dizziness. A highly anxious person are prone to catastrophic thinking, thus restricting their daily activities to reduce their anxiety level. Their restricted activities could isolate themselves from their social network which may contribute to depressive feelings.


心理輔導系列 沮喪丶煩惱丶無助丶情緒堵塞?讓心理輔導助你挑戰機遇
Alice Lam 林少玲

How Can Counselling Help you?

Counseling is a way to get rid of mood disorders. We can all find a psychologist from time to time to check our emotions, and deal with our emotional problems.

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新聞專題 創傷後遺症很平常 心理輔導可循序處理 重建自由快樂
Alice Lam 林少玲

Peace After Traumas: Here’s How

There are numerous causes of post-traumatic sequelae (PTSD). Different treatment methods will be used by Kuang Yan psychological counsellors for different cases.

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