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Mood Disorders


A person may have mood disorder if his or her overall emotional states are incompatible with the situation that interferes their productivity and life for a prolonged period of time. They may experience high emotional distress when encounter with unexpected circumstances. Apart from negative thoughts and emotions, they may experience physical symptoms such as stomach issues, body aches, appetite and sleep changes. Interaction with people may change, too, such as increasing impatient with other people or having difficulties to effectively manage day to day issues.


心理輔導系列 遊戲治療處理情緒及行為困擾 發掘隱藏傷痛 鼓吹自我成長
Vinci Cheung 張穎思

What Is Play Therapy?

Children are not good at expressing their emotional problems in words. Parents do not understand when they encounter emotional distress.

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心理輔導系列 沮喪丶煩惱丶無助丶情緒堵塞?讓心理輔導助你挑戰機遇
Alice Lam 林少玲

How Can Counselling Help you?

Counseling is a way to get rid of mood disorders. We can all find a psychologist from time to time to check our emotions, and deal with our emotional problems.

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