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Stress and physical and mental health are interrelated, and stressful situations are common. The source of stress may be to meet deadlines, challenging work assignments, managing complex interpersonal relationships, etc. When working in a highly stressful environment for a long time, our physical and emotional health will be affected. Sometimes we cannot avoid the difficulties and challenges we encounter. Through counselling, we can learn to manage how to cope when facing challenges.


你身邊有個 焦慮 的他/她嗎?
Alice Lam 林少玲

Someone anxious near you?

Anxious people worry uncontrollably about certain things. Even simple things, such as whether they will be late or do something incorrectly,will cause anxiety!

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代入主觀世界建立溝通橋樑 4步驟勸服思覺失調患者求醫
Vinci Cheung 張穎思

Enter their subjective world

It can be hard for family members and caregivers to get psychosis who think they have a problem to believe they are sick and even go to the doctor.

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親子系列 在職媽媽的挑戰
Edwina Cheung 張佩賢

The working mom Challenge 1

Working mothers must balance the needs of their children with the demands of their jobs.The difficulties are unimaginable and lead to unhappiness and stress.

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