Dr.Vinci Cheung 張穎思

Registered Psychologist

As a registered psychologist and professional trainer offering psychotherapy for children and adults on play therapy, sandplay therapy and social-emotional learning, I have 20 years of experience in mental health, psychology & neuroscience.
Since2006, I worked on the depth of the psyche not just from a neuroscientific perspective but also the unconscious symbolism of Jungian psychology. Creativity, growth, and healing of the mind takes a union of rationality and emotionality hidden in the different layers of our consciousness. In my therapeutic work, arts media and dream analysis are used to help clients to uncover their hidden needs which seek to be fed. Throughout different stage of therapy, I would be with client to walk through and intermingle with their conscious rationality and unconscious emotionality.
I was an Associate Professor in Counselling in the Psychology department of Hong Kong Shue Yan University and was an Assistant Professor on neuropsychology, mental health, play therapy, expressive art therapy and counselling in the Rehabilitation Sciences department of Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I am currently Honorary Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, The University of Hong Kong.

Depression, Anxiety, Mood disturbances
Relational issues, such as at the workplace, in the family, at school
Personal growth, mid-age crisis, identity crisis
Play therapy, sandplay therapy for pre-schoolers and school-children
Dream analysis, arts, sandplay therapy, for adolescence, and adults.

PhD in Psychiatry

AFHKPs, HKPS Reg Psychol (2009-402)
Associate Fellow, Hong Kong Psychological Society
Registered Psychologist (2009-402), Hong Kong Psychological Society
Member, American Psychological Association