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Mendy Kwong

"Counselling is a journey and I hope I will be able to walk with you through it for as long as you feel necessary. Looking forward to meeting you!"




+852 9843 8512





+852 9843 8512




My passion in counselling began since my volunteer experience with pre-marital and married couples almost two decades ago. Working in multinational corporations in the finance and information technology fields has also given me great opportunity to experience and witness various struggles people have in the workplace, and also more understanding about cultural differences and how that may affect our communication styles. These experiences together with my counselling experience provide me good insight about people’s unique life challenges throughout their different life stages. I believe in having preventive measures in place as well as people’s healing abilities during difficult life situations. Gaining awareness of one’s interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships would be a worthwhile journey for personal growth.

In my counselling experience, I work with teenagers and young adults mainly as a life coach to deal with their life challenges about study, work and interpersonal relationships. Moreover, I work extensively with pre-marital and married couples to deal with their life adjustments including preparation of and adaptation to marriage, parenting issues as well as retirement issues.

I adopt person-centred approach and my treatment interventions are mainly emotion-focused therapy, hypnotherapy, and positive psychology. I am currently based in Hong Kong and fluent in Cantonese, English and Mandarin.

Counselling is a journey and I hope I will be able to walk with you through it for as long as you feel necessary. Looking forward to meeting you!




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