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I had spent all of my adult life, and a lot of my adolescent life trying desperately hard to change myself, to rid myself of all of my vices and shortcomings and those of my family and my upbringing. Despite the anxiety and energy spent trying to do this, rather than create perfect person and a perfect family, I alienated myself from my truest of desires. I was stressed, lost and afraid.

My journey to clarity started as soon as I met Amoy. She is a warm, calm, and academic woman with rich personal experiences of her own and evidence-based in training, so I was content to give her counsel a chance. The Somatic Experiencing and Integral Somatic Psychology and a number of therapeutic approaches that she administered to me had a powerful effect from the first minute, in very tangible ways. After not too long a period working with Amoy, I feel that 42 years of un-dealt with events and feelings have been brought into focus and expunged. I now feel relaxed and able to move forward with great clarity. I feel very liberated and relieved. I am very grateful to have met Amoy. She has helped me change the course of my life.

An expat lawyer who sought counselling to deal with childhood trauma