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I have been seeking help from different therapists but I gave up at the end until I met Amoy. She is different and she sees helping people as her purpose.

I built trust with Amoy within a very short period of time. She is a reliable, caring, genuine, encouraging and responsible therapist to me. The approaches she used worked so well on me and I started to build sense of self and boundaries. I remember Amoy first introduced a ‘saying no’ exercise to me and I almost collapsed at my first attempt. With her help, I was able to do that with confidence after 2 months’ time. I witnessed my own growth and breakthrough with Amoy’s guidance. The sessions didn’t end when I left the consultation room and Amoy kept track of my progress from time to time, to make sure that I was doing well outside therapist sessions. I couldn’t feel more grateful to have Amoy appearing in my healing journey!

Writer: Survivor of incest trauma*

*This disclosure is at the specific request of the writer. She wants to encourage others to seek help – knowing from personal experiences that trauma of this nature can be healed and lead to growth and transcendence. One is never alone.