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It was a painful yet grateful journey that you walked with me since I was discharged from hospital from my suicidal attempt. Sandplay therapy, picture interpretation, art therapy, dream analysis were all the first time for me. These avenues brought me into deep psyche of myself, how much self-punishment and destruction I gave to myself. At the bottom of my heart I was yearning for someone reaching out to me, and you helped me to find my own self reach out to myself. It was amazing how this process of self-discovery being taken with forms, shapes, colors as in drawing, and in objects and movement of objects in sandplay therapy. There were many sandplay creation that I made gave me the serenity and sometimes warm energy. After 9 months of therapy I was no longer in that dark place and I was planning for further studies. This was unbelievable for me and for my family. Thank you, Dr Cheung.
(Just the yellow words if not enough space to put in all underlined parts.)

21 years old university student, depressed with high-suicidal risk

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