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A Homosexual Professional Navigated Through His Relationship Difficulties With Amoy's Support

“I’m a 30-year-old young professional, and a closeted homosexual man, being brought up in a traditional and grassroots family. A recent relationship breakup had exploded my emotion and led to the start of my counselling journey with Amoy. More than just a crisis intervention, I was hoping for an opportunity to jump out of the gloominess and negativity from the long accumulated pressures, and to regain control of a happy life.

Being an insecure and sensitive individual, Amoy’s neutral and non-judgemental attitudes allowed me trust and peace of mind to freely express my true self. She listened, guided, reorganised my thoughts and gave me new perspectives without denial and hard feelings. For example, I’m a rational person and rather introverted in expressing myself. Amoy recognised my character but also pointed out that one’s inner feelings and emotions need to be addressed and released – other than resolving through rationality and logic.

The journey took time but it was definitely worthwhile when you saw the changes. In about five sessions time, it was like a soft reboot to my mind: emotion became more stable, more resilient to issues and pressures, more willing to reach out to family and friends, etc. Few more sessions further empowered and strengthened me in putting down the burden and “traumas” which had deeply rooted in my life. You never imagine how talking and simple exercises would have this power. I’m sure lots of professional knowledge and skills were adopted, but just leave this part to the counsellor and be yourself, your true self.

Nothing is more beautiful than getting rid of the sufferings of the past and continue to explore your potential and enjoy life. No one knows nor guarantees how far you can reach, but your journey definitely starts earlier when you get help sooner. If things are bad enough/ don’t see way out at the moment, you deserve this mercy to yourself!”


From a 30 year-old local gay professional who sought help to deal with relationship issues