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Thank you for the listening and advice from counselor Alice.

Life is tough at certain moments, hence a short pause and a person who can be your companion to always listen to your frustration could help relieve your bad emotions. While medication for life was once suggested by my previous psychotherapist to solve the depression issues, Alice was the one who offered a different but effective path as my way out. It was grateful to have spent so many weekend morning sessions with Alice to discuss my life journey, feelings along the way and thoughts at certain moments. And I am thankful to have listened to Alice for many useful tips and advices which equipped me with courage and powerful tools for whatever happens in the next stage of life.

Alice is a truly sincere good friend, listener and advisor, who plays an important role reshaping the new “me”. After 8 months of impactful meetings, I do think I acquired the right attitude and spirit for any upcoming challenges, and I would embrace and enjoy every single moments in life onwards. I am ready to take off and can’t wait to start my next new chapter!

A Life Marathon Runner