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A Young Professional Is Thankful For Alice In Helping Her Face Her Trauma

I reached out to Alice a year ago because I encountered an extremely painful trauma which left me feeling lost, insecure and helpless. The trauma was a deep personal loss for me, and for a long while I was unsure if I could ever navigate through the crisis and emerge on the other side. I was too confused and burdened by my pain to see and think clearly. I needed an outlet to voice my pain and feel understood.

Alice was an extremely patient and thoughtful listener who made me feel safe and heard. She helped me work through my many layers of pain and shame. After the sessions with her, I felt empowered to face the monsters of my trauma instead of evading them which I had done for many years. I learned to live through the pain and see the difficulties as lessons gained for better strength of character instead of letting the trauma define who I am. Alice helped me build up the courage to face myself and understand myself better, which was essential for emerging from my grief and despair.

I am very grateful for the patience, grace and empathy shown by Alice. Her sessions made me feel stronger, empowered and lighter in spirit. I could not have asked for a better counsellor to accompany and uplift me on my path through the depths of my grief and loss.