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    We believe the more people understand, accept, and try out counselling for early help, the better/happier this place will be.

    What we do

    We service in all three areas of Coaching, Counselling, and Mentoring

    Within these, our common denominator is Counselling.  We bring in counselling elements into our coaching and mentoring sessions as well, as we believe counselling provides the most powerful and insightful perspectives in solving stuck areas and bringing out a person’s real self and potential.


    The Wind Beneath Your Wings.

    This is an expert facilitated process starting with goals specified by clients in areas such as executive work

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    issues or enhancement of parenting. Our coaches are either seasoned working professionals/entrepreneurs or experienced parents who support your goals through face-to-face discussion, on-site visits and scheduled telephone coaching. All world-class athletes have coaches. All our coaches are also qualified counsellors trained to handle on-the-surface issues as well as deep-rooted unconscious habits restraining maximum personal performance.

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    We Listen & Reflect. You Discover & Make Sense.

    Counselling offers a safe and confidential place for clients to talk to trained and qualified professionals.

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    Counsellors assist clients to see, understand, feel, accept, and process their distress, so they can recover from it, and once again become more effective as a person. All of us are trained professionals qualified to provide private service. We abide to the code of ethics of either HK Professional Counselling Association or HK Psychological Society.

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    Your Pillar of Confidence.

    Mentoring is similar to coaching with an added perspective of the mentor to have profound knowledge in areas that are important to the clients.

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    A typical mentoring relationship lasts for about three months to one year with pre-set specific goals to be attained. All our mentors are trained coaches and counselors.

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    Mendy was such a blessing for my fiancé and I. We met with her for pre-marital counseling and very much enjoyed our time together. Mendy was very accommodating to our needs to meet over long distance and drastic time zone differences…

    Male, Designer

    The mindfulness course was completely beyond my expectation. I am now much more focused and efficient in my work. I even have spare time to help other colleagues! The increased sensitivity to my body also helps me to manage my irritability and impulsivity.

    Front line officer

    輔導過程有機會見到對方回應時的真實反應及表情,亦有機會我們雙方認識彼此相近及差異⋯我鼓勵準備進入婚姻的朋友嘗試,甚至我會推薦給已結婚的朋友,當一種學習去了解自己了解丈夫的工具⋯真心推薦 Mendy!


    我現在能更自在地生活,不會抑壓自己, 減少了很多胡思亂想。我的焦慮症也好番了,也不懼怕將來。謝謝你!




    我的兒子差不多成年不上學又不肯出房而且有不少我們家長無辦法理解到的行為和想法… 暑假期間見過10次左右,之後竟然重新上學,我們家長只有感恩。


    Distress Issues

    Distress can happen often. But we often neglect them until they have to shout out to us so loud, or break us down, before we are willing to address them.

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    Life Enhancement

    As human beings, we are designed to live happy lives. And we are designed to actualize ourselves to become better beings. Therefore, it is natural that we always look to better ourselves.

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    一人之力改變整個家庭 「博域家庭系統理論」

    An entire family can be changed through the effort of one person

    在碩士課程畢業後,繼續跟教授Mrs Peggy CHAN進修博域家庭系統理論,十年過去,每當遇到情緒較為絕望的客人時,自己仍然能靠著對家庭成員Empowerment(權力改變)從而與客人一同推翻固有限制,取回掌握自己情緒的關鍵……



    這個問題不能夠以三言兩語回答,我在這裏就借用了心理輔導理論中的卡普曼 (Dr. Karpman) 三角戲劇關係理論解釋…

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