Alice Lam 林少玲


I work with a focus in exploring self-worth and childhood development of clients. I believe these form an important part of the core base of our behavioural or emotional patterns today, regardless of the surface symptoms. My counselling belief is in working with underlying issues, and less on brief solutions. I believe our issues often relate closely to our past experiences, where we formed a conversation that we were not aware of. This is usually a focus in my therapeutic approach.

With this belief that our growing up has great impact on today, I am proud to be serving as a foster parent with Mother’s Choice in my private life.

I believe we are all capable of healing ourselves. We simply need someone we can trust to reflect for us what we fail to see.

Prior to my Counselling practice, I was a senior executive in the advertising field for over 20 years. I also ran a funding and mentoring business.  Having this background allowed me to have a deep understanding of the stressful situations in the commercial world.  I trust we all need to be more aware of ourselves, whilst we thought otherwise.

Specialization in Self-esteem, Relationships, Grief/Loss, Depression
Integrated Theories applied include Person-Centred Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Satir Model, Emotion-Focused Therapy, and Cognitive Therapy

Master of Social Sciences (Counselling), University of HK
EMBA, University of Hull, UK
Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (HKPHF, IMDHA)
Certified Prepare/Enrich Inventories Facilitator (Life & Marriage Enrichment)
Certificate for EMDR (The EMDR Association of HK)
Certificate in EFT for Anxiety and Depression (Leslie Greenberg)
Certificate in Cultivating Self-esteem: A transdiagnostic Cognitive- Behavioural Perspective (Castle Peak Hospital)
Certificate in Developmental Trauma Workshop (AFHK)
Certificate in Assessment & Management of Common Childhood & Adolescent Psychological Disorders (IPTP)
Certificate in Mental Health (Castle Peak Hospital)

Member of IMDHA
Member of HKPHF
Member of HKPCA